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About Us

INSPIRED by love, dedication and passion for the game, TRIPLE-A embodies the vision of a true community visionary. Its slogan "THINK ABOUT THE END BEFORE YOU START" illustrates its dedication which derives from the end in mind; we will teach and foster the development of children and youths with their end in mind using a combination of sport and education while empowering self confidence on and off the court.


TRIPLE-A strongly believes and will focus skill development through collaborative interactions, education and extensive practices. Our goal is to help in the development of valuable basketball IQ, mental toughness, leadership abilities, critical thinking and fitness to its highest.

Its Founder - Coach, Adrian COOPER has won at every level embarked upon which includes coaching and strongly supports the model that hard work in whatever sitting derives WINNING. There is no secret formula for winning other than hard work and dedication. However, the price of winning is relishing your opportunities to be better than your competitor or competition. Simply put, seizing the opportunity to improve one’s self is a given choice that everyone possesses whether athletically or educationally. Saying I want be the best is not enough without dedicating time and effort, remember your favorite professional athlete; they dreamt the dream of becoming a star before the light shined on their dreams and it became real but even then it was not complete because true workmanship had just broken the seal.

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