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3 Ways to Make More 3-Point Shots

Here are three incredibly simple drills and concepts that can help any player extend their shooting range and add to their scoring arsenal.


Warm-Up Speed

Jog (but never walk) through each of these shots. This will help you work up a sweat. 

Start around five feet from the basket, and shoot until you make a shot all-net before moving back one step. Repeat the process until you get all the way back to the 3-point line. Continue shooting until you make an all-net 3-pointer.


Initially, do this from the baseline and work your way back to the 3-point line in the corner. Then do the other (right or left baseline) and finally go down the middle and finish with a 3-pointer from the top of the key. Finally, do your normal stretching routine.

Practice Speed

This next part of your practice shooting is best done with a re-bounder and a passer. However, if shooting on your own, simply pass to yourself, shoot, rebound and speed dribble back to the spot.

You are now repeating the process of working your way back, only this time going as fast as you think you can, then speeding up your perception of what you think is going fast, and go even faster! Obviously this is great conditioning.

There are several kinds of footwork currently being used by good shooters. These include: the classic inside foot 1-2 step, the 2-foot jump stop, the plant rear foot and step-in, and hop into the shot (1-2 step or 2-foot jump stop). Make one all-net shot of each of the following types of shots and work your way back from three distances: start at 10 feet out, then move to 15 feet and finally to 3-point range. Do both a catch-and-shoot and a shot off the dribble, moving left-right-center. That's six made all-net baskets from each spot.

As before, you must make an all-net shot before progressing to the next type of shot and distance.


Competitive Speed

This is the most important part of becoming a proficient shooter in actual games. Do this work out with defenders? Learning this way will give you transference from practice to actual games. You'll play this way and it will be easy to make shots in games and at crunch time.

Have defenders close out on you (sometimes from closer than they will be in the game) to try and steal the ball and block the shot. Want to become a fearless shooter? Have the defender foul you on purpose? But this should be just a slap on the wrist or controlled nudge, so you don't get hurt. Make (again not just take) three shots like this during every practice and you will become a more focused "in the zone" shooter. You probably will also get to the free throw line in games and have a chance to make a 4-point play!

Your current and realistic range is where you can make two all-net shots in 10 attempts or less. Just be patient with yourself and work on these drills and stay within your range and you will soon gradually extend that range.

Before attempting the 3-point shot in games, first make (just get it in -- you don't have to shoot all-net) six out of 10 in practice on three separate practice days. These shots should be from where you would shoot within the flow of your offense. That's when the statistic of probability is on your side, and you will have a real mathematical chance to shoot at least 35-40 percent from 3-point range when you play.

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